Communication frustration

Too little? Too fuzzy? Too technical? Getting the words right is an art form. And when the weather does not comply with the text, the instructions on the Edible Wood card become futile. Extremely wet weather – extremely disappointed consumers – extremely agitated Pip. Not good. This last spring was a great example: week 20 is usually a good week to start soaking the shii-take logs but only during dry weather. Making a wet stam even wetter doesn’t work. Nothing wrong with the log but the timing isn’t right. More text, extra explanation? Where, when and how? Reaching out to consumers is not so straightforward especially when there are limitations of time, budget and knowhow. Go with the (digital) flow seems good advice. During this summer period I hope to explore the possibilities of different communication methods, how I can decrease frustration and not forget to carry out a mushroom dance or two…..

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