Counting logs – week 9

Edible Log Farm Weekly Blog

All the tree logs for this season are now at the Edible Log Farm. It all went surprisingly easy and quick this year. The logs for the oyster mushroom logs come every year from a private forest owner at the edge of a nearby village. The now retired farmer planted about 20 hectares of his farmland around 25 years ago with different deciduous tree species. The young forest is now old enough for the first thinning. A number of plots of the young forest get thinned out every year to make space for future trees. These trees are ideal for oyster mushroom logs being a suitable diameter with lots of sapwood.
This year the farmer and his super active assistent of at least 70 years felled the trees themselves. All I had to do was to walk behind the tractor and load up the wagon with the 2 meter long logs. It took us the whole morning and despite the near zero temperature it was definitely a good way to keep warm. After a cup of tea (I don’t drink coffee) with the farmer I transported about a third of the logs to the nearby Edible Log Farm. After that it was time to rest my aching muscles… and to enjoy a couple of hours doing absloutely nothing.

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