Edible Wood Farm Work Days

Every year in March and April interested people can help with inoculating the newly harvested logs at one of the Edible Wood Farms. Every inoculation session is built up of a small number of people with a mish mash of ages, backgrounds and reasons for helping out. Most of the participants are Dutch (not surprisingly) and come from all over the country. Some people come from further away such as Belgium and this year other international guests came originally from Israel, UK and Romania.

We usually work outdoors and hope that the weather conditions are in our favour. Most of the time I am the one drilling the holes and the other people are filling the holes with spawn plugs. Now and then someone else dares to drill holes as well and the rest of the crew after to work hard to keep up with us because we make holes quicker than they can be filled!

At the location in Nunspeet last week we were treated with a day full of sun and warmth, just right for timmering away at the waters edge. In the background the kingfisher fleetingly flashed his colours and other newly arrived (water)birds kept us entertained with their whistles and warbles. After a couple of intense working hours, everyone was able to inoculate their own “thank you log” and return home full of new experiences and (hopefully) with a satisfying feeling of a job well done. For me this is a good way of sharing the workload and introducing interested people to the world of Edible Wood.

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