End of the year: wk 53

It is winter time. The temperature is low and the days are short. The shii-take logs have gone te sleep and will remain dormant until late spring. Outdoor work has been reduced to checking the logs to make sure that they are stacked properly,  innoculating the last oversized popular logs with oyster mushroom and making the first preparations for the coming season.
In January I will start the first phase of making Edible Wood. The trees in the forests that can be harvested have already been selected  by the forester as part of a thinning. These small forests have never been thinned before and the removal of a number of these small undersized trees will certainly improve the forest as a whole in the long term. I have already made the first tentative appointments with the chainsaw operators and transport company.
Alot of people are not aware that mushrooms can be found throughout most of year. Several mushrooms can be found in the winter and last week I was pleasantly surprised with an over zealous oyster mushroom log. This log with a length of 1 meter and a diameter of 12 cm produced 500 g of tasty oyster mushrooms. Needless to say almost all of them ended up in my frying pan and were definitely delicious!
This is my first blog that I have written starting in one year and ending in the next…. Happy New Year!

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