Fantastic Fungi: week 31

Treat your fungi well and you will flourish. Trees will grow halfway to the moon, ferns will spread their fronds, soil organisms will never stop partying. Insects will multiply, birds will sing continuously and  the air will be filled with spores on their way to new shores.
The new book “Fantastic Fungi” from Paul Stamets and Louis Schwartzberg is a companion to the film of the same name that was released earlier this year in the United States of America. In the book you can read about “How Mushrooms can heal, shift consciouness & save the planet”. The book is divided into 3 sections: Section 1 “For the Planet”, Section 2 “For the Body” and Section 3 “For the Spirit”. In each section experts in diverse fields illuminate their connection to fungi in short, succint chapters in a language that can be understood by everyone. Awe-inspiring photo’s accompany the tekst making the book also a pleasure to brouwse through.
I am still in the the middle of reading it and in every chapter I am constantly reminded about how much I don’t know.  I get a little bit wiser every day and maybe one day I can also save the world….. Well….. maybe just a litle bit of it.

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