And here we are again. At last. After failing twice in trying to work out how to handle behind-the-screen lay-out changes by myself it is nice to be able to tap into the computer skills of Cathy, my Groene Takken team member. The website is currently getting a serious makeover and there are occasional (or rather lots of) hobbles to overcome. The interest in Edible Wood has increased so much the last couple of years that all of the information does not fit into the current website anymore. A lot of people are interested in purchasing something in the webshop and other individuals or organizations are more interested in starting their own Edible Wood Farm. The new website will accommodate both groups but in autonomous sections. Because I am a complicated mixture of adaptable determination and like to reach a goal by following a meandering path it means that the transition will follow its own course and be ready sometime in the near future. The framework will be carried out by a professional and Cathy and I will be filling in the details. The coming month(s) I will be more or less warming my muscles by day (inoculating logs) and generating amazing computer work in the evening (website). We will see if this will produce the required results…..!!!

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