Helicon students visit Edible Wood Farm: wk 2

A groep of students from Helicon, college for Science and Envrionment, from Velp visited the Edible Wood Farm in Gaanderen last Monday (06/01/2020).  Their visit was part of their program “Using Innovation”. Although the weather was dry, it was a cold day and after listening to the background and development of Groene Takken under the trees in the forest, it was time to warm up shivering limbs. The stronger students hoisted a couple of large poplar logs on their shoulders and brought them to a place on the grass next to a shed. After a short instruction session,  about 50 holes were drilled in each of the logs and the students dived in to take turns in innoculating the logs with summer oyster mushroom. The visit ended indoors seated around a large table drinking steaming cups of homemade shii-take soep.

Note: the names of the college and program is my own translation and may not be the official accepted terms. 



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