Moving on – week 34 & 35

Rain! What a wonderful phenomen.  It is quite strange that people always associate rain with bad weather. The empty soaking basin had been partially filled by the many rainshowers but there was still not enough water to soak the logs in it. I had been able to get hold of a second-hand  plastic cubic container but was not able to clean it properly enought to be able to use it as an externe water supply. The former fatty substance just would not disappear. Luckily the weather conditions were helping me out by doing the work for me. Mushrooms were popping up everywhere. Soaking was not needed. A little respite.
Another problem cropped up. The Edible Wood Farm is situated partly in a State Forest and partly on the grounds of a Holiday Farm.  It is a wonderful serene place surrounded by meadows, forest and an “aggressive” buzzard. To get to the Edible Wood Farm you have to walk a couple of  hundred meters over the terrain of the Holiday Farm. The owner of the Holiday Farm is my colleague and I have been lucky enough to work here for the past 7 years.  My colleague is always busy facilitating large group of students and other people who book a short holiday with him.  There are numerous sheds of varying sizes and lots of space in between. My colleague collects things; big things, little things, family things, new things that get old, things that get broken and could be fixed one day…  and they seem to end up in surprising places and are a permanent feature of the surroundings. Sometimes I find it difficult to accept this way of living.  When I have time to spare I help with the garden and general yard maintenance. There is always enough to do and it is nice being able to make a positive difference. At the beginning of week 34, I heard that my colleague was planning to accelerate his plans for placing several mobile homes in the place that I had been using for my logs. The first homes were to be placed this autumn. More people, more man-made things and less forest. The description of the future situation made me feel oppressed.  No water, no logs, no suitable location? Was this a coincidence? My head knew the answer but my heart was sore. It took a few days to make a decision. Time to move on.


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