“New project” week 21

Last Thursday I was asked by Heleen Eshuis to support the start of her project “Bosnodig” (Forest Need). Her Foundation wants to turn several hectares of agricultural pasture into a Food Forest and aims to involve school children and the local community.  The Foundation hopes to plant up to 400 different trees, shrubs and herbs that can be used in the kitchen, for health reasons and for dying materials. The kick-off was Thursday with a number of volunteers who were prepared to help  with a number of easy tasks in the field.
For the first time in weeks it wasn’t raining. The sun shone and everyone arrived with huge grins on their faces. In the middel of a colourful meadow I explained how Edible Wood worked to the group of volunteers under the watching eye of the local television station. Sometime in the near future a Edible Wood Farm will become part of Bosnodig. Next winter we hope to find some suitable tree logs from the nearby woods and we can then inoculate them with edible mushrooms.

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