Not another hole! – weeks 12 & 13

Edible Log Farm (almost) Weekly Blog

10 holes, 100 holes, 1000 holes.??? Nope …. much more. The past couple of weeks were spent drilling numerous holes in the logs in order to inoculate them with various edible mushrooms. During several inoculation sessions this week I managed to drill an average of  400 holes per hour which probably explains why I was quite happy not to get out of bed on Saturday morning.
This year I am inoculating a little less number of shii-take logs that I would usually do because there probably are enough logs to sell throughout the year. The oyster mushroom logs were sold out much too quickly last year and now I am be hoping to inoculate enough oyster mushroom logs to be able to have a supply the whole year round. Half of the total number of logs are being inoculated by various care-farms around the country and the other half  I do myself with volunteers, colleagues or interested potential partners. Just another two weeks and then is the inoculation season over…. hopefully I will have built up an impressive number of stomach muscles by then which I can poke with pride for several weeks knowing that they will disappear much too quickly!

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