Rain – week 32

The last load of logs was unloaded at a nearby urban vegetable garden complex on Monday morning. This was to be their temporary home until the water shortage problem at the Edible Wood Farm had been solved. It was a great comfort that there were enough people with suitable space and water to look after a number of logs at such short notice.  Back at the Edible Wood Farm the other logs still had te be kept from drying out as the weather was still hot and dry. The logs had to make do with the stinking brown water that was left over in the soaking basin. Not one drop was going to be wasted.  This was certainly a situation that I hoped would not repeat itself. A separate source of water had to be found. Maybe another location as well, but that was for future thought.  On Wednesday I picked up a cubic container, cleaned it and filled it with water at the urban vegetable garden complex. My trailer could safely manage about 400 liters, enough for a shallow bath or 40 watering cans full of water. Thursday heralded the end of the long dry period. Rain! Unbelievable! A few short showers followed by non-stop drops of water from above.  The rain was a welcoming feeling on my skin. At last the logs could be left to the care of the elements and I could step back a little, relax and find some energy for the next hurdle.
Photo –  the last water in the soaking basin

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