Storm wood: week 8

This weekend yet another storm raged over the Netherlands. This one had no name because it was not considered dangerous enough but it was preceded in the month of February by Storm Ciara en Storm Dennis. The first storm of the season, Ciara, caused alot of disruption and many trees became the victims of her galeforce winds. In the following storms more trees lost one or more of their branches and others were uprooted. Many of these trees were probably already a little weakened by the earlier storms, disease and/or the dry summers or just had bad luck. Whatever the reason the result was that there was suddenly an enormous supply of wood just waiting to be gathered up and turned into something useful.
“Don’t Heat it – Eat it” was my bellow on my facebook page on the eve of Storm Ciara in an attempt to encourage people not to immediately turn the fallen bough or tree into woodchips or firewood. There is so much more that can be made from the wood of a tree and edible wood is one of the options. Many tree species can be used for growing edible mushrooms and when there is a ready supply of wood and people running around with chainsaws then it is not so difficult to gather storm wood of a reasonable size. My cry was apparantly heard and acted upon and thanks to the many people who ordered dowels for their new edible log(s) I had a slightly chaotic week processing their orders.


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