Trees on wheels – week 7

Edible Log Farm Weekly Blog

“What did you do today, Mum?” asked my 17 year-old daughter at the dinner table one evening this week. My reply, “O nothing much. Just went to the forest, loaded my van and trailer with logs and transported them to the log farm. Once there I unloaded them and then searched out other logs for a care farm, transported them and unloaded the logs so that they can be inoculated in March”.  After I told her this I wondered if I was lucid because this was the first of many trips that I would have to make in the next few weeks.
This time I managed to get 100 logs into the van and onto the trailer. The usual trip of half an hour to the log farm took a little longer with such a weight.  The trip from the log farm to the care farm was almost an hour, over the freeway jammed in like a toy between the heavy-built trucks with irritable drivers glowering down at me. A good deal of the journey was spent wondering if this could be done another way that would be better for the environment but acceptable for the wallet. The answer…: take it as it is because working small-scale also means doing alot of the work yourself.  But to be honest, the sluggish pace on the road with the radio on listening alternatively to world news and pop music was not a bad way to spend a working day (occasionally) and after having shifted 100 logs x 4 times in and out of the van my body felt that it had had a really good working-out. No fitness center for me… give me trees on wheels. 
Photo…”When I grow up I want to be a log truck…”

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