Virus vs fungus: week 44

How should we defend ourselves against a virus? Yes, that’s right – eat more fungus. Eat lots of mushrooms, especially the sorts of mushrooms that are known to boost your immune system such as shii-take and oyster mushroom which are, not entirely coincidentally, the same species of mushrooms that can be grown on logs.

Do you want to know another way to combat a virus? Take a walk in a forest. Take lots of walks in the forest but make sure that the forest is more than a small group of trees.  Being outdoors is definitely great when you can enjoy it and the creatures living in it. Take off that face mask and breathe in the air that has been purified by the trees. Sit on the ground with your back against the tree and realize that you are in the middle of an ecosystem that is more complicated than your office or family life. And much quieter.

Take responsibilty in your own hands. Plunge them into the soil and get them dirty. Plant a tree. Plant a neighbours tree. Plant a tree to celebrate a momentous event. Make your life green. Produce your own oxygen. Create your own fungal society. Happy fungi leads to happy trees. Embrace the mushrooms in the grass (but don’t eat them when they haven’t told you their names).

Take care of your insides and fill it with energizing material that keeps the motor going without breaking down or leaking oil. Grow a tomato, eat your own nuts, turn a branch into edible wood. Don’t be tempted to fill your body with food that is half processed. What is the pleasure in that? A sportschool is good for your outer layer, unprocessed food is a workout for your internal parts. Build up an amazing body, awe-inspiring on the outside and devastatingly impregnable on the inside.

Respect forests everywhere. Don’t buy products from countries that have cleared native forests for agriculture. Homeless native animal species may try and settle down in an ill-suited area and maybe, just maybe, they might carry a virus that is not life-threatening to them but definitely dangerous to their new two legged co-occupants.

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