Where is the wood?

Once the leaves begin to fall the trees begin to fall as well. Forest work begins and I begin to get edgy because it is time to ensure next year’s supply of logs. This year I had to find a new chief supplier after years of working happily with a regional office of a large nature conservation agency. The wood market is currently all shook-up due to the energy-transition (crisis?); wood has sharply increased in value because of its favorable price in comparison to other sources of heat. All of a sudden I have substantial competition because Edible Wood has the same diameter as firewood.

Earlier this year in the spring I had made the first tentative enquiries. Many forest managers begin to make concrete plans for the next felling season just after the summer holidays and it is important that they can consider all angles before their plans are finalized. Two local forest managers were interested enough in my request but could not promise anything definitive due to the volatile wood market.

Just this past week I was able to finalize the new supply of next years logs. Most of the logs will come from two estates within a few kilometers from where I live, very local! The majority of the oak logs will come an estate with numerable 200 year old stumps which have been traditonally managed as coppice. The multiple stems growing from the stump are 20 years old and have to be removed with care so that the stump will not be damaged. I have been designated a strip of coppice land which is about 8 x 100 meters and the trees on the other plots will be most likely turned into firewood by other fellow forest workers. The trees on my plot have another destiny – Edible Wood! Don’t heat it – eat it!

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