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Spots and spores

For the last few years the webshop has been the financial backbone of Groene Takken. Lots of bulky and often very heavy packages containing Edible Wood have made their way all over the country and …

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Working with Edible Wood is a slow process. It takes two years for shii-take logs from the moment that the trees are felled to produce suitable logs. Oyster mushroom logs are a little quicker because …

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Mushroom dates

Mysterious? Yes, mushrooms can suddenly pop up, grow quickly, look amazing and then turn to mush within a few days. Random seems to be their family motto. But… the appearance of mushrooms is more predictable …

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Garden Giant on tour

Each year the weather is different. And that can be experienced in the vegetable garden. Last year the oyster mushroom logs were especially exuberent. This year the garden giant or wine cap mushrooms “stropharia rugoannulata” …

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Solar logs

The last few years solar panels in fields have been popping up everywhere. Former agricultural land has been turned into the basis for energy production instead of being used for growing crops. Increased shade has …

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Internal network

Communicating with oneself is, not surprisingly, totally different to communicating with someone else. Although the language is the same, expression and meaning is adjusted according to the recipient. When making a request, giving an order …

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Edible Wood Farm Work Days

Every year in March and April interested people can help with inoculating the newly harvested logs at one of the Edible Wood Farms. Every inoculation session is built up of a small number of people …

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Hanging Mushrooms

Snails and slugs are very useful creatures but are not usually welcome in a vegetable garden. They can travel at about one meter per hour and have exceptional smelling senses. When the wine-capped stropharia mushrooms …

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