Who wants to become a farmer? – week 1

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It isn’t the first week of January but is the day that I have decided to start a blog. This morning I made myself clean the kitchen and the only way I can get myself to do this hateful part of housekeeping is to treat myself to listening to interesting podcasts on the BBC. “How to make a farmer” is an episode from “The Food Chain” from the BBC and examines the trend that the average age of farmers in a lot of countries is 50 years old or older and that it appears difficult to interest young people to become a farmer. If there are less farmers in the future then you could expect that the existing farms would become larger which could lead to less biodiversity and a loss of landscape types. One of the ways that could help in slowing this process is to open the door to small-scale agriculture. By inviting people to open the door and step over the threshold to become part of the daily life of a small-scale farmer is the step in understanding and valuing the landscape and food production a little closer to home.

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